Saturday, August 08, 2015

Remembering Lily

Lily Chilvers was a very talented artist and the owner of The Octopode Factory. Tragically, she passed away in July this year at the age of 21 from cancer. 

Alison Heikkila and Suzi McKenzie wanted to host a Blog Hop where everyone can share some of Lily's images, as well as share their love for her.

My 2 projects were done quite some time ago but I really enjoyed using Lily's artwork. Lily's Mum Mandy and Lily's Sister Amber are going to continue to run The Octopode Factory in Lily's honor, which means thankfully Lily's artwork will live on. :-)

Dead Sea Diva

Lady Aud Goes Batty

Today we are remembering Lily Chilvers a truly beautiful artist and soul taken from us too soon.
To honour Lily we are sharing projects we have made in her memory using the wonderful, whimsical and wacky art she shared with us all.

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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

New Shop!

We've now been in the new shop since the middle of January 2015 and we are very pleased with how its looking. The space is working well for us and the workshops are proving very popular.

Andy Skinner Workshop
Andy Skinner Workshop
We will also have a very important announcement on Monday 13th July!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

We're Moving!

We've been in our current location for nearly a year now and it's a lovely unit but we need more SPACE! Luckily a larger unit (3 times the size we have now) has become available on the estate we are now on, so we will be moving a few doors down at the beginning of December.

You will still find us in the old unit until the beginning of January, as we have to have the shop kitted out and some other building work done but we are definitely ON THE MOVE!!

What this means for us is a bigger shop, a dedicated room for workshops and classes and a workshop where we will be producing our own range of crafting goodies.

The pictures below are of our current shop - the new shop should be nearly double this if we have our calculations correct! :-)

This is a tiny bit of our stamp section. Doesn't look too crowded you say? Only trouble is, we have about 6 different designs on every hanger, hence why we need more space!

Same thing goes for our stencil and template section! And this just shows a miniscule selection (and that is no exaggeration!) of what we have in stock.

We have 10 of these storage units fit to bustin' with crafty goodies.

So now you can see why we need more space - we can't wait!!